7 Celebrity Snapchat Names From The World Of Soccer You Need To Follow Right Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

Millions of people all around the world will say they love soccer (football in Europe) more than life itself. Yes, this lovely game is the most popular sport out there, no doubt about that. It’s the middle of August and all major European football leagues are kicking off in an explosive fashion. So, now is the time for you to search the web, find your favorite football players and follow their social media accounts. Most of them are using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but some of the soccer stars are absolutely crazy about Snapchat. Therefore, if you’re a fan of this mobile app too, you should definitely make sure to add these 7 celebrity Snapchat names from the marvelous world of soccer.

Celebrity Snapchat Names

Roberto Firmino (@rfirmino1)

The Brazillian star is slowly but surely proving to be one of the Liverpool’s key men on the pitch. He’s fast, he’s versatile, and he knows how to handle the ball. Of course, that is implied since he is from the country where football is a religion. Anyway, besides being a fantastic player, Roberto is also pretty active on social media. He’s one of the biggest celeb Snapchat names in soccer. Firmino absolutely adores goofy filters and he posts a lot of funny selfies and videos. He also loves to implement loud Brazilian music into his snaps and videos.

Dele Alli (@delealli36)

The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder is one of the most talented players Premier League has to offer. This amazing player had a phenomenal season last year and his fans are hoping that he can keep up the good work this year too. He is not as crazy as Firmino when it comes to Snapchat but his photos are classy and well timed. Alli really knows how to update his most loyal fans via this neat platform. He loves to use emojis, though. A lot of them!

Neymar (@Neymarjr)

This gifted young fella has been in the center of attention lately after completing the historic transfer from FC Barcelona to PSG. Neymar might have lost a certain part of his fan army, but he quickly won the hearts of the PSG supporters. This brilliant attacker has an extremely fun Snapchat account. He posts a lot of personal selfies from his big and luxurious home. He also loves to post right after he wakes up, while he’s still in bed. The Brazillian uses a lot of filters and emojis.

Cesc Fabregas (@Cescky4)

Chelsea star is still one of the best creative players in Europe and Blues are happy to have him on their team. When it comes to social media, Cesc is also quite creative and imaginative. He is pretty active on this mobile app and he loves posting candid and spontaneous selfies from all kinds of places. Fabregas really knows how to communicate with his fans from all over the world. He is a classy family man who doesn’t hesitate to have fun online.

Romelu Lukaku (@romelu.lukaku10)

This deadly Belgium striker moved from Everton to Manchester United this summer and he’s already scoring some brilliant goals in his new jersey. However, he has other talents as well. Lukaku knows how to entertain his followers on Snapchat. Romelu uploads a lot of goofy snaps with his closest friends and teammates.

Sergi Roberto (@sergiroberto)

Superfast and super talented Spaniard continues to impress the public with his amazing performances for Barcelona and Spain national team. Other than his awesome skills on the pitch, Sergi is also rather creative with his mobile phone. He captures and uploads a number of hilarious and nice photos of himself and his buddies. Sergi loves to use various filters, layers, and emojis, and he does it in style.

Mario Goetze (@m-goetze19)

After successfully handling the metabolism illness that made him pause for five months, German footballer is once again the key man for Borussia Dortmund. The World Cup winner enjoys keeping his fans posted on a daily basis. Even when he’s not playing, Mario doesn’t forget about his loyal army of admirers. Goetze is addicted to capturing and posting hot selfies and it’s safe to say that his female followers are rather grateful.