Celebrity Snapchats: A Social Network Oasis [INFOGRAPHIC]

For several years now, Snapchat has been the go-to social network app for trendsetters and influencers under 30. The main appeal is certainly the fact that what happens on Snapchat doesn’t stay on Snapchat, unlike on other platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. All content that is posted disappears within the next 24 hours like it was never there.

Celebrity Snapchats

In addition to the ephemeral nature of Snapchat, there is one more component to the app that us mere mortals definitely adore. Snapchat has no public metric system of any kind, which in plain English means it doesn’t have a way to measure a user’s popularity in any public way. This translates into my account being viewed as exactly the same as that of Kate Hudson, or so I wish.

So how do celebrity snapchats figure into this brief and untraceable social network experience provided by Snapchat? Simple, Snapchat provides a safe haven where celebrities can be left alone! Well, almost. You’d think that famous people would want to leave permanent posts all over the internet to be analyzed by bloggers for weeks, but it turns out they much prefer to be evasive and show their true colors. Since everyone’s snaps disappear the next day, and can’t be embedded into any posts, they don’t receive full coverage, which gives celebrities a sense they can be themselves.

Snapchat Keeps It Real

It’s no wonder that Snapchat has over 150 million active daily users from around the world eagerly awaiting celebrity Snapchats that showcase a more “real” side of the likes of Kylie Jenner or DJ Khaled. From our standpoint, Snapchat brings us closer to our beloved celebrities as it allows a higher level of intimacy than other social media outlets. Although Kylie is in full hair and makeup on her every snap, and fully aware that she’s being watched by millions of users, her snaps have a much more “real” feel to them than her Instagram posts. She’s much more relaxed and willing to show everyone that despite the fact she’s a mega-star, she’s still a 20-year-old girl listening to Rihanna and goofing around with her friends. Basically like us! Unlike her Snapchat which is far more relatable, Jenner’s Instagram features heavily filtered and cropped posts of her lavish lifestyle that most of us can only dream of.

Much like Ms Jenner, DJ Khaled, who’s been heralded as the King of Snapchat, has been able to show a different aspect of his personality to the public. He’s made us feel like we’re friends, and we might just bump into him on our way back from work. Essentially, we get a better feel of how their day goes than what our real-life friends are up to. Following in Kylie’s and DJ Khaled’s footsteps, many other celebrities have made their Snapchat a place where they feel the most comfortable. For instance, Kate Hudson has spoken about her Snapchat obsession at length, and she loves to show how she makes breakfast, what workout routines she prefers, and how she kills time on long flights. Calvin Harris enjoys showing off his cycling skills, while Lady Gaga uses Snapchat to document her tour and share snaps from before and after performances. We can’t forget how RiRi’s snap on wine tasting with friends shook the internet back in 2015.

Enjoy It While It Lasts

This tranquility that celebs enjoy on Snapchat won’t last forever, and it’s just a matter of time before another such oasis appears in the sea of social network apps. More and more famous people are hopping on the Snapchat wagon, ‘fighting’ over the coolest emojis, but having to share because Snapchat doesn’t provide any special treatment to the rich and famous, at least not as much as Facebook. An increasing number of blogs is rather successful at figuring out how to repost Snapchat content, and at one point we can definitely expect celebrities to bail when a better app offers them something they can’t get anywhere else. But for now we should enjoy celebrity Snapchat while it lasts, and try to sponge up as much Kylie, Kim, Kate, and the rest of the gang while they’re still here.