To Date A Cowboy Or A City Boy: Why Country Boys Win Every Time

Dating a cowboy and dating a city guy are two completely different things.  Sure, both options have pros and cons, but country guys seem to win this race. Why is that? Well, if you date a cowboy you can see for yourself. Or just read this list a cowboy

They are not afraid to get their hands dirty

And you know what we mean (wink). Kidding aside, these guys are hard working and do not mind spending the whole day outside taking care of their ranch. City boys usually have gentle, manicured hands that are often so soft you thing you are being held by a girl. If you want a real man beside you who is ready to get his hands dirty (but also cleans up very well) choose a cowboy.

They look hot in a cowboy hat

What is it with women and those hats? We love it when a guy is wearing it with style. Oh, and when he takes it off to greet you or just tilts it a little bit…  There is nothing sexier. So if you are into those hats, cowboy dating is the way to go.

Country boys can bring home the bacon

And we don’t mean from the supermarket. This guy is able to put the meat on the table and prepare it, too. They are great cooks since they grew up on the ranch in the middle of nowhere. No McDonald’s there! They couldn’t go and get a take out any time they felt hungry. So cowboys have learned how to cook, and watching a man prepare a delicious meal can be extremely hot. Forget about going too restaurants, your guy can prepare anything you want.

They can make driving tractors sexy

Especially if they are shirtless. They handle that huge wheel without any trouble, and you can see their muscular body sweating in the sun while they are driving. City guys simply cannot do that. Women love men who are handy are can do things with their own two hands.

Country boys aren’t afraid to go skinny dipping

Nope, these guys are not shy at all. They usually had a lake or a river somewhere nearby when they were growing up, and who needed a bathing suit then? Thanks to all that work they have those perfect bodies, and they are not afraid to show them.

Country boys know how to ride horses

While city boys know how to ride the subway. What is sexier? We grew up listening to stories about prince charming, and he was always riding a horse. So every time a woman sees a guy who can handle his horse with style, she becomes that little girl. Also, cowboy singles are able to tame wild horses, and there is something weirdly attractive about that. Maybe we secretly want to be tamed? Who knows…