Hopeless Nerd Meets Perfect Girl On Bridge4Love

bridge4loveMy name is Peter. I was never much of a looker. I got the brains, not the body. I’m a 32-year-old lawyer with a nice place to live, a good job, a nice car, and a surprisingly large circle of friends given that I’m relatively socially awkward and physically rather unattractive. I guess there are still people in this world who look beyond the superficial stuff.

However, I’ve never seen much action in the love department. Most of my friends are from high school, even middle school, and some of them are from college. I’ve watched them all date, fall in and out of love, and I’ve provided tons of dating and relationship advice throughout my life even though I’ve never had much practical experience.

Most of my friends are now married with children, and those who aren’t married just yet have been with their partners for ages, or so it seems. I’ve lived their lives as much as they’ve let me and basically just watched my own pass me by. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a depressed kind of loner or creep. From the outside, my life seems rather fulfilling. I just have no one to share it with.

My sister is married, even my niece is married, and it seems that I’m the last single guy left on the face of the earth. My days are filled with work, physical activities, including running a half marathon, and hanging out with friends so I don’t even have much time to analyze the holes in my life, and the emptiness that is inevitably there. I rarely complain to my friends. Most of them see me as their go-to-buddy when they need help, advice or any kind of push in life. I’m their therapist who never charges them. I even give them free legal advice, but I never go to them with my problems.

I don’t even know where I would begin. I’ve never had a serious relationship, I’ve had a few girlfriends here and there, but never anyone to call my own. I have health issues because of my stature, which in medical sense is fine, but in practical sense my body isn’t what you’d call athletic. I’m short and chubby with a few hairs on my head, and I’m not telling you this because I want your pity, but because I want you to understand that if I could find love, so can you! The secret lies in the little teeny-tiny method of meeting people that has become almost as widespread as the internet itself, and that is online dating.

It’s not that I was sceptical towards online dating and that’s why I had never tried it before my friend Tom suggested it. Saying that I was sceptical would be a huge understatement. I wasn’t only sceptical towards online dating, but towards dating in general. Or better yet, women of all sorts, shapes and sizes! The point is, my life has changed. It has changed in a way I had never thought possible. I’ve been involved with a beautiful girl I had met online for about a year now, and I’m working on finding the right time to propose to her. She hasn’t moved in with me yet, but I’m thinking when I propose marriage the rest will just follow. I can just picture it, Mrs. Peter Williams.  And I have Tom to thank. He didn’t play matchmaker per se, but he did introduce me to online dating, and in particular, to Bridge4Love.

It was on Bridge4Love, a wonderful dating community made up of local singles, that I met my beautiful Lindsay. Not only is Lindsay truly and honestly crazy about me, but she’s also smart, funny and the most beautiful girl I could have ever hoped to meet.

If things go as planned and she says yes, I’d like us to start a family and have two children together. My life would then honestly not only be complete, but simply perfect. That’s how crazy I am about this girl. I guess what I want to say is that there is someone out there who will love you for who you truly are, and who’d want to have a serious relationship with you. You just have to keep looking until you find them.