Successful TS Dating In 5 Easy Steps

Are you interested in dating a transgender woman? That is great. Transgenders are becoming integrated into mainstream society and they have become a part of the dating community. They have a history of being misunderstood, fetishized, and discriminated against, so you have to be respectful and sensitive about those issues when TS dating. If you don’t want to offend your potential partner on your first date, follow these guidelines.

TS dating

Do not fetishize her

Let’s be clear, it is normal that you are attracted to your date and her appearance. However, it is not OK that the only thing that attracts you when it comes to her is the facts she is trans. She is a person, not a piece of meat. She didn’t jump out of porn and she isn’t obligated to fulfill your dirty fantasies. Your date will surely find any expectation like that offensive. She is more than her gender. That girl is a unique person and has hopes, dreams, goals, interests and many qualities. So treat her like a person, not a fetish. If you believe that all trans women are stars of porn movies, you have watched those too much. Some of them have good education and regular jobs. Maybe you even know a couple, you just haven’t got a clue that they are trans.

Don’t be a know it all

Maybe  you think that knowing everything about trans issues will impress your date, but you might get the opposite reaction. Either she will feel like a project you need to research, or she will assume that you are interested in her only for her gender. So forget about mentioning trans issues on your first date and concentrate on something else. You can talk about movies, books, music or art, anything that inspires you or makes you happy.

Forget about stereotypes

Members of trans community have been subjected to generations of stereotypes in movies and TV shows. All trans women do not come from a bad neighborhood, haven’t grown up in messed up families and don’t have a lousy education. Some of trans women have regular boring jobs. They are not all actresses in porn movies and aren’t waiting for a hot stud to blow their mind. Their panties won’t drop as soon as you look at them. Quite the opposite. Many of them have trust issues since many guys fetishize them. Many girls on TG personals need a lot of time before they are ready to go on an actual offline date with a guy they met online.

Watch your language

Your transgender date will probably get really offended if you call her a tranny or a shemale. Those terms are offensive to transgenders so avoid using them. Don’t be disrespectful to your date. Forget about using porn terms if you want to get to the second date.

Have fun

Dating a trans person doesn’t have to be stressful. Just remember your date is a person, not a porn star. Treat her like a human being and have fun. You will end up having a great time with your date.