Top 5 Reasons Why Kylie Jenner Is The Queen Of Snapchat [INFOGRAPHIC]

Snapchat has long surpassed its sexting beginnings, and has grown into a force to be reckoned with on the social media sky. With more than 150 million active daily users and every other post-millennial in the US using the app, one thing is for sure, Snapchat is here to stay. Following in the footsteps of so many teens in America and around the world, popular celebrities were quick to join in on the craze. With their funky use of Snapchat filters, celebrity Snapchat names coupled with emojis reserved only for the rich and famous, and the all natural vibe of celeb snaps, Snapchat is the celebrity social network du jour. Nevertheless, not all Snapchat celebs were made equal. There is one person who’s conquered the world of this platform with her sultry selfies, luxurious lifestyle, epic use of filters, sexy style, and the fact that Snapchat is the only app where her highness, Kylie Jenner, posts photos of herself laying low and unwinding just like the rest of us.

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Reason #1: Sultry Selfies

Being super sexy and taking incredibly sexy photos are two different things, and Ms Jenner knows this perfectly well. Not that she’s not drop-dead gorgeous, but all the beauty in the world wouldn’t be enough to a state-of-the-art selfie camera if the object in the picture didn’t know how to strike a pose Vogue style. Kylie’s selfies are a reflection of the fact that the camera loves her. Not only do they feature her pouty lips and ample bosom, but they’re also packed with a peek into her over-the-top life that her fans just can’t get enough of.

Reason #2: Luxurious Lifestyle

You might have heard of Kylie’s family and their super luxurious lifestyle. Truth be told, Kylie also works her awesome behind off to keep the insane amounts of money flowing on a regular basis. She loves her independence, and at a young age of 20 she’s an entrepreneur in her own right worth more than $50 million! Her extravagant lifestyle is chronicled on Snapchat, including her respectable collection of cars, bags, shoes, and obviously mansions. Whether she’s cruising in her Range Rover or Rolls Royce, Kylie makes sure she snaps it all for her fans to drool over.

Reason #3: Epic Use of Filters

One of the main reasons for the Snapchat craze are its filters that let the users alter their snaps with dog ears, flowers, face distortions, and all others sorts of funky graphics that personalize a snap and draw in tons of comments. Kylie loves the dog filter and the gold butterfly crown, and she isn’t afraid to occasionally throw them onto her pictures to make them more funky and exciting. These filters allow her goofy side to shine, showing everyone Kylie is more than capable of making people laugh in addition to looking gorgeous all the time.

Reason #4: Sexy Style

Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat is about all things beauty. She loves to share her favorite beauty tips and tricks, and often offers makeup advice. Ms Jenner understands what sells very well, and knowing that her following mostly consists of teenage girls, she never fails to amaze them. Also, it goes without saying that Kylie has a fierce sense of style that draws the attention of onlookers everywhere she goes. Her over-the-top choice of shoes, body-hugging dresses and crop tops is a collection her every fan is envious of, wishing they could raid her closet every day! Kylie is absolutely in love with designer labels and uses Snapchat to display her style like there is no tomorrow.

Reason #5: Keeping It Real

All fancy cars, clothes, parties and vacations aside, what has really won over the fans of Kylie’s Snapchat is the fact that this is the only platform she uses to showcase her down-to-earth side we all love to see. After so many other snaps with perfect hair and makeup, killer stilettos and crazy partying, seeing Kylie laying low in sweat pants with little to no makeup is a refreshing reminder she’s only human, and keeping up with her celeb lifestyle is sometimes so tiring that all she wants to do is relax, tune out, and take us to see her harmless and gentle side.

Honorable mention: Out of all celeb Snapchat names, Kylie’s @KylizzleMyNizzl is by far the whackiest.